COVID-19 Update - Phase 3

As the State of Minnesota moves into Phase 3 of the Stay Safe Minnesota plan we have some updates from The Gamers Den.

We have opened up purchasing Magic singles. We have some new procedures so please make sure to follow them. More information below.

Starting June 15th we will extend our store hours. We will be open Monday – Saturday 10 am – 9 pm. We will be closed Sundays.

Also starting June 15th we will have tables available for open play. These tables will only be available by RSVP for preset groups of 2-6 players. You can call to make reservations at 763-689-5370 or stop in and get signed up.

We will not be running organized play during Phase 3 – having people sit around for several hours playing random opponents does not fit well with a social distancing policy. While we look forward to hosting events it is not the right time for that activity.

We hope to see you soon – stay safe and game on!


Policy for purchasing Magic singles during the time of COIVD:

Cards that are not separated and sorted will be purchased at the bulk rate of $3/1000 cards. We will not be sorting through cards. We will estimate quantity to the best of our ability.

In order to have us evaluate your singles individually:

  • All cards must be in a clear sleeve so we can view the front and back of the card without touching the card itself
  • We will accept no more than 20 cards at a time, though if we have time customers can present another 20 cards when we are done with the first group

Policy for using our game tables:

The CDC and State of Minnesota recommend wearing fabric masks in public spaces. Even with precautions there is a chance you could be exposed to COVID 19 whenever you are in public so please take reasonable precautions. All participants should be symptom free, wash their hands and cover any coughs or sneezes. Participants should not “hang out” at other tables but should remain with their own play group.

In order to use our game tables one person needs to be designated as the group leader.

As the group leader they are responsible for knowing the people in the group and their contact information. If there is an outbreak and contact tracing is required, we will provide the group leader’s information to the authorities for follow up.

Groups must be pre-planned and you may not allow random people to join your group.  We recommend having everyone’s contact information ahead of time in case there’s an issue.

Groups may not go over our maximum player count per table. We are unable to accommodate larger groups at this time and encourage you to play from home instead. Our tables can accommodate 2-6 players at a time. Tables may not be combined, groups will need to be small enough to play at the available table they reserve. 

Tables may be reserved from 10 am – 3 pm and 5 pm – 9 pm. Tables must be vacated in a timely manner to allow for sanitizing between groups. You do not have to use the table for the entire block of time, however if you do not show up to use a table you reserved you may not be able to reserve one in the future.

Group Leaders are responsible to make sure the normal rules of The Gamers Den are followed – keep language and content appropriate, be respectful of people and belongings, clean up the tables when leaving and be ready to leave on time.

Please do not bring excessive personal belongings – all belongings need to stay on the carpeted areas and not obstruct walkways or other player’s chairs.

Groups may borrow games from our game library to play – all games will be quarantined for 72 hours after use. Games are not currently available for at home rental

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