Song of Storms

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Without warning, a mysterious and deadly storm rolls in from the horizon, mercilessly striking the peaceful fishing village of Thrund. Clearly unnatural in origin, the terrifying storm seems directed by some malignant will, and rumors spread like woldfire, speaking of an ancient curse resurrected, a curse whose orinins lie more than five hundred years in the past. You have only a few days to unravel the tangled skein of rumor and legend in order to piece together the source of this unnatural storm, for as each night passes, the storm grows stronger and stronger, threatening to rbing the village crashing into the sea. Can you discover the source of this storm, and find a way to stop it, this time forever? Song of Storms in the first adventure to take place in the wild, dangerous region known as the stormlands. Song of Storms takes the heroes into the heart of the Stormlands, a land where the Old Ways clash with the new,where teh gods still walk the land and involve themselves with the affairs of mortals, and where the land itself can be the greatest enemy of all. Need D&D 3rd ED to play.