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40K Kill Team Advance Team Starpulse T'au Empire Starter

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The armies of Vior’la Sept are always at the forefront of the T’au’s wars of expansion, overwhelming enemies of the Greater Good with blistering fusillades of pulse fire. Advance Team Starpulse is comprised of veterans from these bloody campaigns, bonded by hardship and sacrifice.


  • 10-man set of Fire Warriors
  • Scenery set
  • 11 Tactics cards
  • 2 Mission cards
  • 8-page booklet describing Advance Team Starpulse, their history and background
  • 12 datacards
  • Sheet of card gaming tokens (10 Move/Charge, 10 Fall Back/Advance, 10 Shaken, 10 Ready/Shoot, 6 Objective)

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.