Age of Sigmar Broken Realms Atra'zan's
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Age of Sigmar Broken Realms Atra'zan's

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Included in this set: 1x Fateskimmer, Herald of Tzeentch on Burning Chariot 10x Blue Horrors 10x Pink Horrors 10x Brimstone Horrors This kit is comprised of 144 plastic components, and is supplied with 24x Citadel 25mm Round Bases, 11x Citadel 32mm Round Bases, 1x Citadel 74mm Oval Base, and 1x Citadel 120mm Oval Base. The Fateskimmer, Herald of Tzeentch can alternately be built as a Burning Chariot of Tzeentch, which will allow you to build a Herald of Tzeentch on foot as well as three extra Blue Horrors. As with most Chaos Daemons, they can be used in games of Warhammer 40,000 as well as Warhammer Age of Sigmar.