Big Trouble in Little China Legacy Edition Vol 2


Thrust from 1986 into modern times, Jack Burton enters his strangest adventure yet-and it's only going to get stranger. Someone's sold his truck, the Pork Chop express, but before he can get it back, he's got to go to China for a Poker tournament, and finally ends up in 1907 San Francisco! With the help of old foes and dark magic, Jack just might get back home, while also uncovering the origins of Lo Pan and Egg. Writer Fred Van Lente (Amazing Spider-Man, Deadpool) and artists Joe Eisma (Archie), Dan McDaid (Firefly), and Victor Santos (Polar)  in the continuing adventures of Jack Burton, taking place mere moments after the ending to the original film. Legacy Editions collect every issue of the most popular BOOM! Studios series in chronological order and in a newly designed, value priced format for the very first time. Collects Big Trouble In Little China #13-25, originally collected in Big Trouble in Little China Volumes 4-6.