Sword and Sorcery Book of Iron Might


Who needs eldritch might? Barbarians, fighters, rangers, paladins, and other warriors meet their foes head on, relying on nothing but their cool nerves and skill at arms. They would say a good sword arm is worth a thousand spells. 

Any party's strength rests on a foundation of cold steel, mighty thews, and strong hearts. The Book of Iron Might gives you a whole new way to look at combat, showing you how to create combat maneuvers for called shots, daredevil stunts, and other thrilling actions on the fly. This book also includes:

  • Three new types of feats for combat-oriented characters;
  • New uses for skills that increase your options in a fight;
  • The ironborn, an exciting new character race; and
  • An innovative new stunt system.

The Book of Iron Might covers new ground in the d20 System rules-no other book provides this unique look at combat. Characters of all levels in any fantasy campaign can use these rules, all updated to v.3.5. If you liked the Books of Eldritch Might, don't miss this essential companion volume.