Chronicles of Conan Vol 15 Corridor of Mullah Kajar

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Following a legendary writer like Roy Thomas is no easy task, but J.M. DeMatteis (Justice League, Spider Man: Kraven's Last Hunt, Moonshadow) found himself doing just that when he collaborated with writer Len Wein on Conan #116-and then became the book's new regular writer with Conan #118! Dark Horse's latest Chronicles of Conan collects six issues from the regular series run, as well as the second Conan King-Size Annual. Readers will marvel at the strange new landscapes, creatures, and magical foes that DeMatteis brought to the series, while still getting a Roy Thomas fix with his "Phoenix on the Sword" adaptation from Conan Annual #2.

•  This volume collects Conan the Barbarian issues #116 to #121 and Conan Annual #2.

•  Beautifully re-mastered in breathtaking new color!