Eden Vol 3 Its an Endless World

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The most action-filled Eden yet! In this shocking volume, character revelations and intense battlefield decisions punctuate a roller-coaster, book-length conflict. With new, cyber-augmented Propater villains (the Aeon soldiers) making a vicious debut, the mysterious Colonel tries to keep his ragtag group of freedom fighters alive. Kenji cuts a path through armored soldiers, and Cheribum and Sophia suffer serious setbacks. Kachua and Wycliffe make their way through secret Incan tunnels, not knowing what horrors lie in the daylight. If you thought that the previous Eden volume had a cliffhanger ending, you'll be blown away by the final pages of this thrilling ride! Hiroki Endo's Eden is a garden of violence, pathos, and philosophy, where endearing heroes face a constant struggle for survival and violent surprises wait around every corner! Parental Advisory