Smirk and Dagger


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Mon die! m. Harpagon Richard is most decidedly Dead, though not nearly soon enough for your tastes, the old miser. His passing has brought you all together, feigning tears and anticipating your inheritance, when a terribly bothersome police Inspector calls upon you. Chief Inspector Francois clue is not convinced that harpagon passed peacefully in his sleep, as was reported. In fact, he's discovered "somewhat troubling evidence" that he was instead stabbed, poisoned, shot, strangled, bludgeoned and thrown out of a third story window. Worse, he seems to think you had something to do with it. Well, even if you did, which you didn't, there's no sense in all of you going to prison for it. That's why you've decided to "help" the Chief Inspector figure out who did! J 'accuse! is about implicating and accusing your friends and family of murder — and no one "wins" the game so much as one of you will lose! 

  • 3-6 Players
  • 30-60 Minute