Letters From Whitechapel Dear Boss Expansion


The "Dear Boss" letter was received by the Central News Agency in London on Thursday, September 27th, 1888; it was forwarded to Scotland Yard two days later. It was written in red and contained many macabre details that could not be ignored. It was signed "Jack the Rippper." Whitechapel's terror had a new name, a name that would haunt the London district forever.

Dear Boss is the first expansion for Letter from Whitechapel; it plunges you into the filthy atmosphere of the Whitechapel district. You will better know the main characters of that frightening fall, and you will face new and intriguing challenges, both as Jack and as detectives.

25 Jack Suspect Cards
5 Policemen Cards
12 Potential Victim Cards
2 Jack the Ripper Miniatures
5 Policeman Miniatures
5 Wretched Miniatures

Ages: 13+
Players: 2-6
Game Length: 90-120 minutes