Magic RCQ July 17th Entry
The Gamers Den

Magic RCQ July 17th Entry

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The Magic Pro Tour returns Sunday, July 17th at 10 AM at The Gamers Den!

This event will be Modern format Swiss tournament with a cut to top 8.

We have a hard cap of 32 for this event. You are not confirmed until you have paid.

Doors open at 9:00am and registration closes at 9:30am.
Round 1 begins at 10am. There will be a lunch break after Round 3.

The winner gets an invite to the Regional Championship in Atlanta!

This is a Competitive REL tournament. A paper decklist is required. Judges will provide detailed instructions on tournament procedures before Round 1, and collect decklists at that time.


1st: The Regional Championship invite plus 40 set boosters
2nd: 20 set boosters
3rd & 4th: 10 set boosters
5th - 8th: 5 set boosters
Set boosters may be from any available standard-legal set. You may take $5 store credit instead of any prize booster.

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