Max Meow Boxed Set Book 1-4


Meet Max Meow—a superhero with cat-itude! Can Max and his best friend save Kittyopolis from bad guys? Find out in the first-ever Max Meow boxed set! Includes the first four graphic novels in the series!

Packed with laughs, puns, and fun, the Max Meow series is "catnip for fans of Dav Pilkey's Dog Man" (Kirkus Reviews).
How did Max get his powers? Why did Max eat a radioactive space meatball? Who is Agent M?! Get ready for zany adventures and lots of laughs in this collectible boxed set that includes the first four books in the series:
Max Meow: Cat Crusader
Max Meow: Donuts and Danger
Max Meow: Pugs from Planet X
Max Meow: Taco Time Machine

The Max Meow series is a great way to get kids laughing—and reading! Plus, look for how-to-draw activities in the back of each book!