Mystery 20 Questions


Guess the mystery person, place, or thing within 20 questions. Players call out a number, and the reader gives them a corresponding clue. Who will be the first to guess the answer? ? I am a Person: I am the subject of a novel. I am the subject of many movies. I have quite an overbite. I am Eastern European. Gary Oldman played me. I’m a real sucker. My story was filmed in 1931. I am centuries old, but timeless. I wore black long before it was fashionable. I come to life at night. I like real bloody Marys. I was staked out at the end. I am male. You’ll never smell garlic on my breath. I can be found hanging around. I’m a real die-hard. You can count on me to be scary. My eating habits are horrifying. Days can be deadly for me. Call me Vlad. ? The games of the Mystery, Mind and Logic line were created for fast fun at home or on the go. Each tin contains hours of truly challenging fun! Players: 2 or more Ages: 8 and up Game Rules Contents: ? 64 Cards Instructions