Netrunner Living Card Game Mala Tempora Data Pack


The cyber struggles of Android: Net runner have always been a risky affair for all involved, but Mala Tempora, the third Spin Cycle Data Pack, raises the stakes to all-new heights. Will you be able to plug its upgrades into your deck and find success? Or are you the one who will fall behind? Whatever the outcome, it won't be dull. The runners and corporate executives who direct the struggles of Android: Net runner lead frantic lives full of fantastic highs and staggering lows and the pace doesn't slow a beat in Mala Tempora. Many of its sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty different cards) encourage daring gambles, staking health and fortunes against opportunities to rapidly accelerate wealth and success. Of course, in an age of technological one-upmanship, why play fair? Mala Tempora also introduces a number of programs and ice that allow runners and corps to "cheat" these wagers by stealing information about their opponents' cards. Meanwhile, leave it to the Anarchs to do their own thing; while the other factions bid for greater efficiencies and more devious tricks, a new Anarch runner arrives to play the game by another entirely different set of rules.