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On The Edge CCG: The Burger Box

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Welcome, Newcomer: More about The Burger Box Collectible card games are a blast to play, but as a new gamer, it's tough to decide where to start when it comes to buying packs. Take the guesswork out of the game with the Burger Box pack for the On the Edge CCG. On Al Amarja, a "burger" is a newcomer. This mixed display box provides enough starter decks and booster packs to introduce your table to the strange world of On the Edge. Share them; trade them, or horde them all to yourself. In On the Edge, you play a shadowy conspirator working behind the scenes to dominate Al Amarja. Recruit pawns to do your bidding. Arm them with alien technologies and mystical artifacts. Strike against your opponents, and always watch your back. The Burger Box: Contents 6 Standard Starter Decks 12 Standard Booster Packs 12 Cut-Ups Booster Packs 12 Shadows Booster Packs 12 Arcana Booster Packs A tuckbox to carry them all