Over the Garden Wall Sister of Charity Original GN

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(W) Sam Johns (A/CA) Jim Campbell ? Journey back to The Unknown as Wirt and Greg take refuge in a mysterious woodland hospital known as Benevolent Sisters in Charity Infirmary & Asylum. ? However, with a no animals allowed policy, their best friend Beatrice is forced to stay outside! ? Even so, the hospital seems too good to be true, with friendly nurses who seem to have nothing to do but pamper them! ? But when they discover that there are no other patients in the hospital, the nurses behavior takes on an all new meaning! It's up to Beatrice to save the day-but what is the horrible secret of the Benevolent Sisters? ? Discover a new story set in the world inspired by the Emmy® Award-winning Cartoon Network animated series,? Over The Garden Wall ? from writer Sam Johns and series storyboard artist Jim Campbell.