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Have a bias for bingo or a predilection for poker? Po-Ke-No has elements of both, with variations that make it many games in one. Play 5-card Po-Ke-No, Po-Ke-No Black Jack, 4-Corner Po-Ke-No, Po-Ke-No Roulette--or just stick with good old Original Po-Ke-No. In the basic version, each player is given a game card--a 10-by-7-inch board with 25 face-up playing card illustrations on each--and some red plastic chips. The dealer shuffles an ordinary deck of playing cards (not included) and turns the top card over, calling it out. Each player who has that "card" on her or his board covers it with a chip. The first person to cover a complete row of five, vertically or horizontally, wins, and collects all chips on other players' boards or receives a reward based on the poker value of her or his hand (chart with rank of poker hands included). Includes 12 game cards, 200 chips, and instructions.

  • 2-13 Players
  • Ages 7+


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