Growing Up is never easy ... especially at a parochial Rough school where Scores are Settled at the playground. Between Bullies steal your lunch money, Fights Breaking Out left and right, and schoolmates tattling to the permanent Nuns, a Kid alone can't catch a break ... or a kiss, as the case can be. Because you're a lover as well as a fighter, and all it really takes is to steal a kiss from your Sweethearts before Bell and Hollow rings school is over. The fact that you've bet the last of your lunch money on being the first to do makes it all the more risky. Of course, you can do it right here on the playground. If you can't earn your money back from the other kids, you can always beat it out of them. Recess is a strategy board game for three to five players.
3-5 Players
Ages 8+
10-30 Minutes