Magic Secret Lair SG Wayne Reynolds F


Wayne Reynolds started painting for Magic in the original Kamigawa block, and his art has been synonymous with the game ever since. There’s a tension in what he makes, in both incredible action pieces and still moments of reflection. Wayne’s art always seems ready to hurl itself off the cards and go springing around the room. For his Artist Series, Wayne asked for dwarves, and dwarves he did deliver. He even collaborated with us on the flavor text! Stout, dependable, and sharp as a knife, these dwarves are ready to be center stage in your deck or collection

1x Foil Sram, Senior Edificer 

1x Foil Balthor the Defiled 

1x Foil Torbran, Thane of Red Fell 

1x Foil Depala, Pilot Exemplar