Snazzy Tenzi Set

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Tenzi Snazzy Dice Game
4 sets of 10 dice

Tenzi dice games are great for family get-togethers, parties, or a game night. You and your family will love playing TENZI! Tenzi Snazzy Set comes with 4 different colored dice sets. This is a game that you will want to keep in your home, cabin, vacation home, etc. With so many ways to play Tenzi, you’ll be entertained for years to come!

Note: Each set of Tenzi has different colored dice. Every pack of Snazzy Tenzi has 4 different colored dice, each different from the last pack. Colors will differ from shown in our listings pictures.


· TENZI Snazzy Set

· Each durable, flat case contains 4 different sets of colorful dice

· More dice, more friends, more family, more fun!

· Ages 7+