Test of Honour

Test of Honour

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Test of Honour is a skirmish wargame played with roughly 5-20 models on each side. Players select their force before each game based around a samurai hero along with one or two loyal samurai companions and a variety of clan soldiers. The 6 battle scenarios included tell a tale of bitter clan rivalry, betrayal and revenge. The battles are designed to be played in order, forming an ongoing story, with consequences for the victor and loser of each game. As you play through the scenarios your samurai will use new skills, and perhaps even take the shameful path of deceit and trickery to gain victory such choices are the ultimate test of honour.


5 Samurai

20 Ashigaru soldiers armed with spears

10 Ashigaru soldiers armed with bows or muskets

10 Test Of Honour Battle Dice

10 Multibases

21 Blue Faction Recruitment Cards

21 Red Faction Recruitment Cards

23 Skill Cards

6 Injury Cards

10 Dishonour Cards

3 Fate Tokens

5 Objective Tokens

12 Reloading/Cautious Tokens

14 Samurai Action Tokens

16 Commoner Action Tokens

16 Blood Drop Tokens

Main Rules booklet

Battle Guide booklet