The Builders: Antiquity

The Builders: Antiquity

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From the hanging gardens of Babylon to the pyramids of Egypt and without forgetting the Greek Parthenon, Antiquity offers a whole range of challenges to its builders. To face these challenges, you must put on your foreman clothes. Between hiring workers, managing their organization, the purchase of slaves or tools and taking out loans, you'll have to make the right decisions to fulfill your dream: becoming the greatest builder the age has ever known. Each turn players have 3 free actions, however, for an added cost players may also chose to buy additional actions during their turn. Make use of your workers, of your slaves or your freed slaves build your buildings and amass victory points to be named the greatest builder of all!
  • Simple game mechanics
  • Easy to play with family or non-players
  • Complex and deep strategy components
  • Art and game components are high quality and visually attractive