Transmetropolitan Book 5


Year Five: Shut It Down. Things look bad for outlaw journalist Spider Jerusalem. He’s lost his job and everything he owns. He’s been diagnosed with an untreatable and almost certainly terminal brain infection. And he’s being hunted by professional assassins dispatched by a vengeful and implacable president of the United States of America. But Spider’s spirit is buoyant, and his heart is glad. Why? Because he and his filthy assistants have picked up the trail of corruption and deceit that the president has left behind. Because all of those murderous loose ends are finally coming together. And because Spider has the truth on his side and nothing left to lose. In the end, only one of these battle-scarred beasts will be left standing. But will either of them actually walk away from their epochal showdown alive? Acclaimed writer Warren Ellis (Castlevania, The Wild Storm) and artist Darick Robertson (The Boys, Happy!) file their final dispatch from a disturbingly familiar future in Transmetropolitan Book Five, collecting issues #49-60 of their cauterizingly caustic series.