The Gamers Den Code of Conduct


The Gamers Den Code of Conduct

All staff, players, spectators, customers and visitors are expected to conduct themselves in a way that ensures all participants, customers, spectators and staff enjoy themselves as much as possible. If your conduct makes it not fun for anyone else to participate, observe, shop or be at The Gamers Den it is not allowed.

The Gamers Den reserves the right to ask anyone to leave at any time and may at our sole discretion prohibit you from future events should you violate any portion of the Code of Conduct.

Participation in our events may result in your photograph being taken for promotion on The Gamers Den website, social media and literature. Some game companies also require photographs of our events for Organized Play support. They may use those images in their marketing efforts as well. By participating in our events you are agreeing to let your image be used as described above. If you have a concern about this policy please speak to a staff member.

The following are not tolerated:

Foul or Abusive Language – this will not be tolerated at any hosted event. You may be expelled from any event without prizes at the sole discretion of The Gamers Den staff for any derogatory, abusive, or foul language.

Bullying – including hazing, discriminatory or derogatory language, comments or activities will not be tolerated at any level.

Theft – of any property is not tolerated and will result in a minimum of a 30 day banning and a report to local law enforcement and sanctioning body for all events.

Improper Attire – Wearing of obscene, demeaning, or overly revealing attire is not allowed. You may be asked to leave if you are wearing anything that we believe to be inappropriate. This is at the sole discretion of The Gamers Den Staff.

Poor Personal Hygiene – If you haven’t taken a shower or washed your clothes in a while we may ask you to leave and do so.

No Drugs or Alcohol – in or out of your person. Anyone caught with illegal drugs at a Gamers Den event including parking lots may receive a life-time ban on the first offense without warning.

No weapons – The Gamers Den prohibits the carrying of concealed weapons by all persons other than law enforcement officers and staff.

Horseplay – Horseplay of any kind (hitting, mock fighting, kicking, etc.) is not tolerated. You may be asked to leave for Horseplay at the discretion of The Gamers Den Staff.


The following are expected from all players, customers, spectators and staff:

Fairness: Games cease to be fun when players break the rules to achieve victory. A player should prefer to lose a game than to win by cheating.

Taking advantage of inexperienced players or customers for personal gain through trades or promotion of competing businesses at our events is not fair and will not be tolerated.

Honesty: Players of any game should strive to act honestly while playing that game. If a player inadvertently breaks a rule during a game and becomes aware of the error before his or her opponent or a judge, that player should make the opponent and the judge aware of the misplay.

Observing an illegal activity and not reporting it immediately to The Gamers Den Staff is a violation of the Code of Conduct. We ask that you tell us about any illegal activities involving actions in our stores or at our events. Observing illegal activity including but not limited to theft, drug possession and not reporting it makes you an accessory to the crime.

Respect: Players, spectators, customers, staff and property should be treated with the same respect that players would expect for themselves and their property. Distracting an opponent or a judge to gain advantage shows disrespect to everyone involved in an event.

Promotion, Solicitation and Purchasing – conducting  any other business without the express permission in writing from The Gamers Den Staff is disrespectful of the community and business of The Gamers Den. This includes the promotion of, buying or selling of cards, games or other items including any form of purchase or sales and event promotion for any other venue.  Doing so without express written permission is strictly prohibited and grounds for expulsion from any event and/or denial of entry for any and all future events at the sole discretion of The Gamers Den staff.

Carry in food and beverages are allowed in a limited basis. We allow you to bring in lunch or dinner but ask you purchase your snacks and refreshments from us to support the game space. Large amounts of snacks or refreshments will not be tolerated without permission. Permission will be granted for pre-arranged events such as private birthday parties.

Theft is disrespectful of personal property and will not be tolerated at any level. The Gamers Den reserves the right to search any container, bag, package, case, or items at any time.  This includes theft by unfair / inequitable trading practices.

Sportsmanship – Winning or losing with grace is vital to the enjoyment of any game. The desire to continue playing a game can be soured by players that berate their opponents after winning or losing a match. Demeaning, disrespectful comments, or actions before, during or after a game indicate poor sportsmanship and will not be tolerated.

Learning – We all want more people to play games with. Players should strive to help each other increase their play skills, game knowledge and experience. It is not a player’s responsibility to make his or her opponent’s plays for that opponent. However, discussing strategies, offering tips, or constructively critiquing game play decisions after a match has been completed helps both participants to become better players.

Teaching a new player to play and providing other players with a positive experience are the most valuable things any person can provide to our community. We greatly appreciate your support in our efforts to make The Gamers Den and the communities we serve a safe, fun experience for all.

At the end of the day we want all participants, spectators, customers and staff to have had a fun and enjoyable experience and thank you for following The Gamers Den Code of Conduct to make this possible.