40K Kill Team Salvation


Salvation introduces the new Bheta-Decima setting and pits the Scout Squad kill team against the Blades of Khaine, a kill team of Striking Scorpions updated in plastic for the first time.

Providing 10x Scouts and 10x Striking Scorpions, the box set also includes an 88-page Salvation Book that provides profiles and bespoke Spec Ops for each of the kill teams as well as rules for the new Killzone: Bheta-Decima and Infiltration campaigns. Available for the first time in Kill Team this product contains bespoke cards for each Kill Team that provide customers with handy reference and Datasheet cards to use during their games. The terrain content of this book includes 5x pieces of terrain with unique rules that affect the game, these rules can be found in the Kill Team: Salvation book.

Both Kill Teams include Warhammer 40,000 rules, making this also an appealing product for fans of either game system.