Air Vol 3


With the help of none other than Amelia Earhart, Blythe has begun to harness her perplexing power; one step closer to controlling time and space.
But when the fragmented trail of her mysterious love leads her to dangerous territory of double agents, metalhead jihadists, and an alarming backstory, Blythe will need to control more than just reality: she'll need to manage her own suspicions—and her addiction.

What is the real truth about Zayn? And when Blythe can't depend on her pills, can she depend on herself?

Find out in Volume 3 of this high-altitude, high-stakes, Eisner-nominated adventure by acclaimed author G. Willow Wilson (Invisible Kingdom, Ms Marvel, The Bird King) and celebrated illustrator M.K. Perker (The New Yorker, Mad Magazine, The Unwritten, Fables).