Archie Horror Presents Chilling Adventures


Welcome to the chilling world of Archie Horror, where demons roam the earth and terrifying tall tales come to life. From robotic rogues and inter-dimensional interlopers to sinister sorcerers and macabre mystics, this anthology collection has everything your horror-hungry heart desires.
Riverdale and its surrounding areas are known to be hotbeds of strange happenings and paranormal activity, but sometimes things get downright disturbing, and even the most pure-hearted of people can’t be saved. Join the masters of Archie Horror, Madam Satan and Jinx Holliday (plus everyone’s favorite talking cat, Salem), as they act as our tour guides into the realms of the unknown, plunge us into the depths of Hell and send chills up our spines! Featuring a retro, distressed cover by horror comic master Robert Hack. 

Collects seven killer comics...
  • Madam Satan: The Queen of Hell has had enough playing second fiddle to the Devil himself and is ready to take matters into her own hands!
  • Chilling Adventures in Sorcery: Madam Satan meets lost and tortured souls who tell their stories while trying to escape Hell. What terrors led them to such a dark place? 
  • Jinx: Grim Fairy Tales: Teen Jinx Holliday is Riverdale's go-to babysitter with her book of unique fairy tales, all of which tell a sinister story designed to teach bad children lessons they won’t forget.
  • Weirder Mysteries: Take a look as a few extra-special Riverdale case files are opened that highlight the strange occurrences and paranormal activity that happen in the small, quiet town.  
  • Chilling Adventures of Salem: Salem the Cat takes the spotlight as an anti-hero enacting vigilante justice on those who hurt others like him...
  • The Return of Chilling Adventures in Sorcery: Hell has come to Earth and the fugitive Madam Satan must recruit similar tortured souls if she has any chance of survival... 
  • Happy Horror Days: The holidays look a little different in Riverdale this year – Santa's nowhere in sight but Krampus, an Icelandic yule cat, and evil elves are on the rampage!