Avengers Assemble


Jason Aaron's Avengers run reaches its climax with the biggest Avengers event of all time!!!
Jason Aaron assembles the mightiest heroes of Earth, the Multiverse and 1,000,000 BC in an epic saga that forms the capstone to his incredible era of AVENGERS! From throughout time and across realities, they will unite on a day like no other, to face a battle beyond all imaging. A war that will take us from the prehistoric beginnings of a planet under assault by the greatest villains who’ve ever lived, to the Watchtower that stands at the dark heart of the all and the always, where an army of unprecedented evil now rises. It’s the biggest Avengers saga in Marvel history!

COLLECTING: Avengers Assemble Alpha (2022) 1, Avengers (2018) 63-66, Avengers Forever (2021) 12-15, Avengers Assemble Omega (2023) 1