Avengers Epic Collection The Crossing Line


International action! To prevent a nuclear nightmare, the Avengers must take on the Russian People’s Protectorate, Canada’s Alpha Flight…and the undersea might of Atlantis! But back home, what is happening to Jarvis and the Avengers’ support staff? Then, Avengers East and West Coast team up when the towering Terminus strikes! And a new hero called Rage makes a major impression on the team…but will they see eye-to-eye in time to defeat the bizarre Tetrarchs of Entropy? Then, as the Avengers sign a new charter with the United Nations and the old order changeth once again, who will join Earth’s Mightiest? Rage? Spider-Man? Or…the Sandman?! And what happens when Doctor Doom targets Avengers Mansion? COLLECTING: Avengers (1963) 319-333, Avengers Annual (1967) 19; material from Captain America Annual (1971) 9, Iron Man Annual (1970) 11, Thor Annual (1966) 15, Avengers West Coast Annual (1989) 5