Battle Maps Space Freighter


Stop drawing maps, get straight to playing Huge play surface for endless encounters It scrolls! Roll to reveal with functional fog of war Extremely durable, water-resistant Wet erase for custom map modifications Comes with a pre-written 10 page PDF adventure that will blow your mind! Hand-drawn maps create a fully immersive environment filled with hazards, treasures, and secret areas Usable with our static cling sticker packs Handles not included (Sold Separately) The Infinidungeon is 40 sq. ft. of dungeon building, dungeon crawling madness. Each Infinidungeon is 20 ft long by 24 inches wide. Pre-printed with a 1-inch grid. Perfect for building sprawling maps and dungeons. Roll to reveal - Pre create maps and roll to sections as you need them adding a real fog of war to your miniature games! The Space Freighter You've explored countless dungeons and lairs. Fought off demons from below and dragons from above. But, have you ever looked to the stars and wonder what lies beyond? ?Blast off and discover an adventure out of this world! What surprises await you on the Space Freighter?!