Black Library Conquest Unbound: Stories from the Mortal Realms (Paperback)



– The Warden in The Mountain by Eric Gregory

– The Harrowing Deep by Miles A Drake

– The Perfect Assassin by Gary Kloster

– Chain of Storms by Evan Dicken

– Monsters by Noah Van Nguyen

– The Huntress of Ghur by Noah Van Nguyen

– Hamilcar: The Age of Enlightenment by David Guymer

– The Dead Hours by David Guymer

– Death on the Road to Svardheim by Darius Hinks

– Buyer Beware by Gav Thorpe

– Reflections in Steel by C L Werner

– The Inevitable Siege by Rhuairidh James

– Heart of the Fallen by Sarah Cawkwell

– I, Behemat by Eric Gregory

– A Taste of Lightning by Adrian Tchaikovsky

– The Offering by Andy Clark

– Strong Bones by Michael R Fletcher

– Fangs of the Rustwood by Evan Dicken

– The Threshold by David Annandale

– The Wolf and The Rat by C L Werner

– A Tithe of Bone by Michael R Fletcher