Black Library Untamed Realms (Paperback)


A Warhammer Age of Sigmar Anthology

This anthology contains:

The Order of Azyr
– The Interrogator, by Richard Strachan
– The Orphan of Pale Harbour, by Richard Strachan
– Shadowglass Creek, by Richard Strachan

Lords of the Aelves
– The House of Moons, by Jeremy Lambert
– The Low Road, by Evan Dicken
– Soul Warden, by Miles A Drake
– Cauldron of Blood, by Chris Thursten
– The Hunter's Quarry, by Colin B Harvey

Despoilers of the Realms
– Crown of Flames, by Noah Van Nguyen
– Anger and Ash, by Gary Kloster
– The Waste, the Worm and the Witch, by Gary Kloster
 Boss of Bosses, by Luke Scull

Old Whitebeard
– The Ancestor's Hall, by David Guymer