Captain Marvel Game On


All-action adventures of Captain Marvel and friends!
Carol Danvers’ quiet night with BFF Jessica Drew (a.k.a. Spider-Woman) takes a cat-astrophic turn when Manhattan’s bodegas are suddenly overrun by a host of angry felines! And not just any felines — Flerkens, the most terrifying kitty-lookalikes in the entire universe! Then, Carol has been a fighter pilot, a cosmic hero and an Avenger, but now she faces her most difficult job yet: driving instructor to Nadia Van Dyne, the unstoppable Wasp! And it becomes an even bigger task when A.I.M. uses Pym Particles to shrink Captain Marvel down to tiny size! Plus, Carol joins Ghost-Spider in battle with the Mad Thinker and the Awesome Android — and needs some help from the unbeatable Squirrel Girl to handle a digital doppelganger!

COLLECTING: Marvel Action Captain Marvel (2019) 1-6, Marvel Action Captain Marvel (2021) 1-5