Chronicles of Talislanta


At last, an updated edition of the 1987 RPG classic, The Chronicles of Talislanta. This revised and annotated edition will bring players, and Talislanta fans in general, up to date on the world of Talislanta and the many changes it has undergone since Tamerlin first penned his quintessential travelogue of the world. Incorporating changes spanning four editions of the game, The Chronicles of Talislanta covers information up to the year 621 N.A. including:

  • Details on the Seven Kingdoms, Dracarta, L'Haan, Zandu, the Kang Empire and the other nations of Talislanta.
  • Updates on the current tension between the Seven Kingdoms and the Farad mercantilists of Faradun.
  • The recent annexation of the Isle of Batre by the fiendish Imrian slavers.
  • The Silent Insurection and Kang Civil War that has radically changed the political climate of the Eastern Lands.

All this and more, plus the original text of The Chronicles as recorded by the famous Wizard-Explorer, Tamerlin, in the year 600 N.A.