DEK of Cards: sisu (Finland) Playing Cards


Every DEK employs the rich, impeccable design of a specific locale’s unique aesthetic in our diverse world.  Each DEK’s name is a word in the country’s native language which embodies the personality of local life.

DEK • sisu (pronounced “SEE-sue”) is a Finnish word. It is a stubborn determination and resilience. It means “stick-with-it-ness”—a gritty act of bravery when success seems impossible. This attitude exemplifies the Finns’ national character. As is said by Finns, “Arctic nature has given us guts.”

The sisu DEK’s spare, aggressive yet elegant design aptly depicts this Finnish spirit and instantly transports you to this “land of a thousand lakes,” two-thirds blanketed by thick woodlands, set between the Baltic Sea, its neighboring Scandinavian countries and Russia.


  • 52 high-quality poker-sized playing cards + 2 jokers
  • Gorgeous Scandinavian design from Finland
  • Bright white with fine linen air-cushion finish
  • Thick 300gsm cards with dense black core