Dice Forge Expansion: Rebellion


Dice Forge: Rebellion Game Expansion Strategy Board Game
  • Welcome to the second edition of our legendary tournament, hero! Your courage, your wits and your dice will be your best allies to face the new challenges of the gods? and of their rivals!
  • The expansion includes new die faces and 120 new Heroic feat cards (against 96 in the base game). Two optional modules, the Labyrinth of the Goddess and the Revolt of the Titans, feature alternative starting setups and new mechanics.
  • Join her to be covered with glory, but make sure that you dont forget the other gods. With the Titans Module, the tournament is disturbed by the return of the original masters of the sky.
  • To whom will you give your allegiance? Dice Forge: Rebellion is an expansion for Dice Forge. It was designed to meet the players requests, as they wanted more interaction and combinations.
  • Replayability- More cards can be combined together, resulting in more game configurations.
  • Interaction- Your actions have a strong impact on other players.
  • Strategy- Explore new strategic possibilities.
  • Adaptability- Choose your game modules and cards as you like.