DIE: The RPG - Deluxe Edition


You and your friends are dragged into a treacherous fantasy world made from your own fears, doubts and desires. There’s only one way to escape - but with limitless adventure within your grasp, would you even want to? DIE is a tabletop roleplaying game about fantasy versus reality, and poses the question of why we play games at all. The comic it’s based upon is occasionally jokingly described as “goth Jumanji”; DIE the RPG is designed from the ground up to let a group of players make their own personal version of the comic.

The deluxe special edition is a limited run book with a cover designed by the legendary Rian Hughes. It's bound in bookcloth, foil-printed, and has embossing/debossing on those iconic triangles. It also has a slip-cover (not pictured)