Dungeoneer Vault of the Fiends


Evil Magic is Afoot: The World of Vault of the Fiends In Dungeoneer, players move a sword-and-sorcery fantasy hero through an ever-changing modular labyrinth. Each game stands alone or can be mixed with other Dungeoneer titles. In Vault of the Fiends, the heroes must hunt down a twisted mage who has been conducting heinous experiments, resulting in a plague of fiends pillaging the countryside. Fight monsters, plunder treasure troves, disarm traps, and complete quests in this fantasy exploration game. In Search of Adventure: Gameplay Basics In Dungeoneer, each player is dealt a character card to start the game. Vault of the Fiends includes the following characters: Gnome Illusionist, Dwarven Runecaster, Ork Shaman, Drakan Sentinel, Human Beastmaster, and Elf Assassin. On each turn, a player may draw and discard, play Encounters or Bane cards on opponents, build the Dungeon, and move. You collect Peril and Glory tokens as you move, making yourself more of a target for attack. Complete your Quests to level up and defeat the evil mage! Will you succeed in stopping his wicked plans, or will you fall under the onslaught of his creations? Find out in Vault of the Fiends! Six-sided dice and tokens not included.