Dungeoneer Wrath of the Serpent Goddess


Slithering Horrors: The World of Wrath of the Serpent Goddess In Dungeoneer, players move a sword-and-sorcery fantasy hero through an ever-changing modular labyrinth. Each game stands alone or can be integrated with other Dungeoneer titles of the same difficulty. Venture into the abysmal lair of the priestesses of Nakari and fight their protectors, the Knights of Ilbor, and the denizens of the serpentine temple in this Legendary Dungeoneer game. In Search of Adventure: Gameplay Basics In Dungeoneer, each player is dealt a character card to start the game. Wrath of the Serpent Goddess includes the following characters: Robber Baron, Arcane Archer, Paragon, Apothecary, Barbarian, and Spellweaver. This legendary title contains more powerful enemies that only experienced heroes can defeat. Advance your favorite heroes from other Dungeoneer games, or use the level 7 heroes provided with this set. On each turn, a player may draw and discard, play Encounters or Bane cards on opponents, build the Dungeon, and move. You collect Peril and Glory tokens as you move, making yourself more of a target for attack. Complete your Quests to level up and face down the serpentine horrors that await you in this sinister temple. Six-sided dice and tokens not included.