Dungoneer Haunted Woods of Malthorin


Doomed Love: The World of Haunted Woods of Malthorin. In Dungeoneer, players move a sword-and-sorcery fantasy hero through an ever-changing modular labyrinth. Each game stands alone or can be mixed with other Dungeoneer titles. In Haunted Woods of Malthorin, the characters must navigate the cursed forest in search of the mad elf who is using his powerful magic to turn the land into a nightmare realm. His bethrothed was brutally murdered on their wedding day, and now his grief runs unchecked. Do you have what it takes to hunt him down and restore peace to this once-tranquil forest? In Search of Adventure: Gameplay Basics In Dungeoneer, each player is dealt a character card to start the game. Haunted Woods of Malthorin includes the following characters: Elf Archer, Human Druid, and Centaur Ranger. On each turn, a player may draw and discard, play Encounters or Bane cards on opponents, build the Dungeon, and move. You collect Peril and Glory tokens as you move, making yourself more of a target for attack. Complete your Quests to level up and face down the tortured elven bridegroom. The wilderness holds unknown dangers in Haunted Woods of Malthorin. Six-sided dice and tokens not included.