Game of Thrones Catan 5-6 Expansion


  • Play with up to 6 players
  • Two new wildling clans
  • Four new hero cards (Jon Snow, Gilly, Osha, and Aemon Targaryen)
  • A new threat: Mammoths will rage through your lines

Jeor Mormont continues to seek a successor from among the Brothers of the Night’s Watch. Only one who can improve the failing infrastructure of the Gift and restore the guards who defend the Wall will be able to take the reins and lead the Order through the coming winter. But the struggle for power among the brothers becomes more difficult with each passing day. The forests of the North conceal many mysteries, and the wildlings still have a few tricks up their sleeves. Brutish beasts clamor towards the Wall, and if you wish to uphold your vows to defend the realms of men, you will need to call upon new allies and use every ounce of your cunning to outwit your enemies beyond the Wall and within the Watch.

  • Ages 14+
  • 3–6 Players
  • 120–150 Minutes