Gloom The Gloom Chronicles


The Gloom Chronicles at a Glance Bring campaign-style play to your Gloom game! Requires core Gloom, but is best played with Gloomier: A Night at Hemlock Hall, Unquiet Dead, Unhappy Homes, Unfortunate Expeditions, and/or Unwelcome Guests Printed on traditional opaque cardstock. Saddest of Stories: The World of The Gloom Chronicles The Gloom Chronicles brings campaign-style play to Gloom, as an expansion printed on traditional cardstock that can enhance any game of Gloom. You can use it with just one Gloom game, or let it navigate you through all the expansions. Narrative prompts give players a unified foundation for their stories, while variant rules challenge new and experienced players alike. The Unhappy Birthday awaits! What ignominious ending will your Gloom Chronicle have? Uncanny Chronicles: Gameplay Basics In Gloom, you and your friends weave tales of woe. But where does the story begin? Each card in The Gloom Chronicles expansion starts a new chapter for your ongoing game of Gloom, ties those games together as a serialized campaign, and adds variant rules bringing new challenges to the story. You can choose a card at random, or you can start from the beginning and explore the ongoing chronicle of your family through an extended campaign. Your story begins with the Unhappy Birthday … but will your next game of Gloom involve a Tragic Train Ride, or will you end up at the infamous World’s Unfair?