Goryo is an asymmetrical game of investigation and deduction for two players, set in the mystical feudal Japan. One player will play the role of the Samurai guarding the Imperial Palace, charged with hunting down a dreadful spirit of vengeance, the Goryo, played by the other player. The Goryo appears in the palace in the form of a cat, bound to a specific type of object. To get a revenge and win the game, the Goryo player must smash 5 objects in the palace’s rooms, without being defeated by the Samurai. To win, the Samurai must instead exorcise the spirit for good by finding out what type of object the Goryo is bound to, or by catching the spirit’s essence three times. Each round, both players alternate in asymmetrical turns: the Goryo plans the route to break a new object and mislead her opponent, placing movement cubes on a secret dry-erase board. Then the Samurai use their available actions to chase the Goryo along her path, moving the Samurai pawns on the map and using a special board to organize the catch. However exorcising a spirit isn’t a simple task at all...