GraviTrax The Game Flow


Get your puzzle-solving juices percolating with progressively problematic challenges in “GraviTrax The Game: Flow”!

Put your spatial and logic skills to work puzzling out the exciting challenges in “GraviTrax The Game: Flow” — fun for marble run pros and newbies alike! With only the start and finish positions given, can you construct a connecting track with all the specified pieces? Build more intricate tracks as you progress through the 30 tasks, solo or with friends. Includes dual FlexTubes (compatible with all GraviTrax sets) to test your brainteaser muscles. Portable fun you can play anywhere!

“GraviTrax The Game” challenges children’s creativity and imaginations to build increasingly difficult tracks from a known start to a known finish, with only a set of designated pieces to get there! Just like GraviTrax construction sets, “GraviTrax The Game” uses STEM-friendly concepts while building critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Comes complete with: 1 instruction/solution booklet, 30 task/6 tutorial cards with box, 1 red metal marble, 2 rugged mini card bases, 1 small transparent level, 11 large/1 small height tiles, 2 FlexTubes (easily assembled), 7 curve tiles, 1 X-intersection tile, 7 tracks (2 long, 2 medium, 3 short), 1 vortex, 1 launcher, 2 base tiles with inserts (catcher, landing).

GraviTrax offers lasting durability for girls and boys ages 8 and up. It’s the learning toy children (and savvy adults) return to over and over again!


1 Instructions and solutions booklet, 30 task cards, 6 tutorial cards, 2 hexagonal base plates, 1 transparent level small, 1 launch pad, 1 ball, 2 FlexTubes, 11 large height tiles, 1 small height tiles, 7 curves, 1 junction, 1 vortex, 1 catcher, 1 long plastic tracks, 2 medium plastic tracks, 3 short plastic tracks, 1 landing