Grendel Tales Devil May Care


While most of humanity has been decimated in the apocalypse, the hunger for sporting events survives and is stronger than ever!  It's race time in Indianapolis, and the only thing hotter than the action on the track is the passion boiling outside of the stadium walls.  Local Grendel chief Hack has his hands full.  Between the volatile visiting Grendel clans tearing up the town, a mysterious vigilante on a Grendel-killing spree, and forces within his own clan that seek to depose him, there's little room for error or emotion.  But when he feels himself falling for Dana, the city hospital's headstrong lead physician, he quickly finds things spiraling out of his control.  And he's not the only one with problems.  Dana's struggling with her delinquent son, desperately trying to keep him away from the very Grendel that she herself is growing ever attracted to.  Something's gotta give, in this tragic tale of passion, love, and betrayal. Collecting the six-issue mini-series. SC, 160pg, Parental Advisory