Grex Manifold 1/8" BSP Dual Out


Split your single airline into two with this Grex Mini Manifold. Features: - Precision machined of metal for durability. - Black anaondized for a clean finish. - The mini manifold body has a single 1/8" F input and two 1/8" F output. - The manifold body also contains gaskets for a hassle-free airtight seal. - It comes bundled with an AD12 and 2 x AD5 as pictured. - AD12: 1/4" F to 1/8" M - AD5: 1/8" M to 1/8" M - For use with almost any hose or compressor that have the connection type(s) above. - *Additional adapters are also available. Please see our full assortment of Grex Adaptors.