GURPS Zombietown, USA


Black Lake, California, the idyllic small town you've always dreamed of . . . clean air, sparkling water, and a scenic countryside . . . friendly townsfolk and an easy lifestyle . . . a perfect haven where everything is beautiful and peaceful!


There's the mayor who doesn't remember hiring the investigators, the phones that give a constant busy signal, the sudden storm that drowns three brothers, the mysterious van that cruises the streets of Black Lake.

And then the dead begin to walk . . .

As the investigators unfold the strange events shrouding Black Lake, they are drawn deeper and deeper into a complex web of horror, uncovering a sinister plot that is paralyzing the whole town. Only they can foil the plot that threatens to turn Black Lake into Zombietown, U.S.A.

The 64 pages of Zombietown, U.S.A. feature:

A modern-day GURPS Horror adventure.

All the information needed to adapt the adventure for GURPS Autoduel America.

A complete town for adventuring in either the present day or 2038.

Detailed descriptions and stats for dozens of NPCs and establishments.

Subplots and adventure seeds to provide months of deadly small-town adventuring.

Written by Barry Link