Legend of the Five Rings Adventures in Rokugan GM Kit


The once-sleepy life of Twin Blessings Village has been shattered. The local daimyō has callously let his samurai rob and oppress the inhabitants, while ignoring the real threats in the surrounding woodlands. In response, the villagers have begun to arm and train themselves to fight. This, plus elemental spirits running amok and sinister forces lurking in the shadows, makes visiting Twin Blessings Village a terrible idea. Unless you're an adventurer, of course.

Introduce your players to roleplaying in the Emerald Empire with this Game Master's Kit! The included adventure, Sins of Succession, provides the prefect starting point for low-level characters, and gives them a chance to forge alliances, make meaningful choices, and confront some of the Emerald Empire's unique foes. Meanwhile, the deluxe game master's screen comes with a lavish art spread on one side, and a host of valuable charts, tables, reference information, and maps on the other. It puts the most commonly references rules right at your fingertips.

1 Game Master's Screen
1 Softcover Adventure Book

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Adventures in Rokugan RPG: Corebook is required to play.