Legion of X Vol 2


Si Spurrier's look into the strange side of Krakoa continues!
When Judgment Day arrives, Legion is on the chopping block! Is David Haller a hero…or will he succumb to his madness just as everyone predicts? Then, something savage is afoot! Nightcrawler develops some very uncanny physical features — and he’s not the only one. Goodbye Warren Worthington III — and hello murderous winged monster! Meanwhile, Cypher and Warlock have made a startling discovery about the seemingly innocuous blooms floating out of the Astral Plane. As Kurt’s inner beast threatens to completely take control, will the Legionnaires — with help from the mystical Black Knight — be able to untangle this web of threats before it envelops mutantkind? Why does Banshee have a flaming skull? And what does it have to do with the Ghost Rider?

COLLECTING: Legion of X (2022) 6-10, Banshee & Ghost Rider (2023) 1