Lil Wish Lanterns Starter Pack


Explore the world of Wishlandia with Lil Wish Lanterns. Each character comes from one of four different lands: Friendship Forest, Courage Cliffs, Happiness Hills and Love Lagoon. Characters from each land have unique powers to help your wishes come true.

Each Lil Wish Lanterns Starter Pack includes a uniquely-designed lantern; one for each land in Wishlandia. Pull the charm to make the magic happen! They are compatible with all of the Wishimals and have two light modes: wishing mode and nightlight mode. The lanterns also have an auto shut-off feature

Each Wishimal comes with a collector’s card with a QR code to unlock that character in the Lil Wish Lanterns App. Keep collecting to unlock and play as your favorite Lil Wish Lanterns characters!